Agora / Planting Peace and Victory

by Jules Parkin with the help of Sophy Haig

Trees are incredible.  Amongst their many benefits they help to neutralise the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, act as air filters by trapping metallic particles from combustion and brake wear, and increase the infiltration of water into the soil, which helps to reduce flooding.

This morning, our students did a bit of planting and have done a fine job of renovating the front raised bed near the entrance of Newland College – the perfect home for our olive tree (the symbol of peace and victory).

Nigel makes a move!

Nigel (our outside olive tree) has been pining for Phoebe (our indoor olive tree) for the past few months. Our student council, Consilium, chose the perfect spot at the entrance to college to plant Nigel this morning. He and Phoebe now have an uninterrupted view of each other, just in time for Valentine’s Day…

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