Building Innovation

by David Shandley with the help of Sophy Haig

Our students visited the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Innovation Park in Watford on Friday 6th May. BRE is a world leading building science centre which showcases the latest research into energy efficient, sustainable housing and renewable energy production.
Our students had an opportunity to learn about these innovations and see them in real world contexts in the shape of specially designed houses. One of our favourites was The Prince’s Natural House, designed by Prince Charles in collaboration with Natural Building Technologies and Kingerlee Homes in response to a challenge laid down by the CEO of the BRE Park. It was very impressive and successfully married aesthetic form with function – a truly beautiful eco house.
BRE Prince Charles House
The visit tied in with one of the Interdisciplinary Units of work that students have been working on this year, which included our Climate Change Debate and involved Mathematics, English and, naturally, Science. This sort of approach is at the heart of the IBMYP methodology and really allows the students to engage with their subjects in an inspirational and meaningful way.
BRE slide
BRE innovation park
Huge thanks to Dr. Wiltshire for organising such an interesting excursion!

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