Global Classroom Iceland

by David Shandley

Our first Global Classroom is a 4 day ‘Adventure Learning’ experience in Southern Iceland this week. The students have been preparing for the expedition in their Geography and Science lessons. Topics such as: Alternative Energy Sources, Plate Tectonics, Glacier formation, Vulcanology, the Gulf Stream and Solar wind will come to life from the page.

They will have the opportunity to experience standing at the junction of two shifting continental plates (the Mid-Atlantic Ridge); seeing live volcanoes (including the infamous Eyjafjallajökull that grounded European flights in 2010); seeing the Rock Cycle in action (handling volcanic rocks such as pumice); swimming in pools warmed by Geothermal activity; witnessing how clean renewable geothermal energy is converted to electricity and City Heating; investigating and maybe (if they are very lucky with the weather) witnessing the Solar Wind in action, producing the beautiful and mesmerising Aurora Borealis.

The experiences gained will become deeper knowledge only when a process of reflection and communication are undertaken by the students. Communicating what they have learned is an integral part of the experiential learning cycle. Each evening on the trip, students will be asked to reflect on the day’s activities and what they have learned; whether in a diary, a blog, or in video clips. Once they return, they will use these reflections to help them present what they have learned in a variety of ways such as Power Point, Video Blogs, posters and written articles in the School Letter.

The Global Classroom Experiential Learning is inherently inspiring and memorable and connects the students to the curriculum in a much more meaningful way. These experiences will continue to be woven into related subject content throughout the school year and continue to add relevance and meaning to the curriculum.

We cannot wait!

D. Shandley
Acting Head/Trip Organiser

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