MYP Science and English Debate

by Sophy Haig

It might have been cold outside but the temperature was rising in the lecture theatre this afternoon as our students participated in their first MYP Science and English debate: Human beings are responsible for climate change.

Karin opened the debate, speaking for the affirmative and presented a compelling argument that was quickly rebuffed by Max, speaking for the negative.

Karin debate

Serena and Ash followed Karin for the affirmative and were very persuasive, but were counter-acted by Reka, Aline and Sam, who balanced facts with humour and confidence, keeping the debate alive.  Lightening fingers on laptops by the student support team provided graphical evidence and statistics that were put to good use as the arguments drew to a conclusion.

Group debate

The debating split the judges, but they agreed that the team against the statement was victorious.  The judges voted Karin, speaking for the statement, and Aline, speaking against the statement as the most compelling speakers.

Alex Jake Bjorn debate

Congratulations to everyone – we look forward to the next one!

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