My School Life

by Ashley

What a ride it has been, but I think I have found a place where I belong.

If you didn’t know, I have been to five different schools. I was born in Australia and lived there until I was 5. We then moved to England. I went to an awesome school and I had a lot of fun there, but then the time came when I had to move again. This time it was to America though.

My first school was very good but soon, as I approached the end of that school, I started not liking it anymore. I’m not too sure why, but I wasn’t liking it.  I then moved school again.

This was a great school, I was very happy here for a while. My sister was there as well in the upper school, but she was having a very hard time. We had to leave as we weren’t going to stay in America.

At first we were thinking of going back to Australia. I really wanted to go back there, the problem was that there wasn’t much work for my Dad to do over there. So we decided we would go back to England, but not where we were the first time – this time we were nearer to London.

I started a new school but I wasn’t finding it easy to settle in, so my mum and I decided to see if there was a school that would be more suitable for me.

We looked around and we saw a perfect school that has just opened – I would be one of the founding students.  It was Newland College. The best school I have been to, the teachers are golden, the students are golden, the school is golden. It was an IB school as well, it was just like the first school I had ever been to, but better, it was perfect for me.

I really enjoy this school, I feel like it has changed me. In my old school I would not even go to a museum for the afternoon but now I have been to Iceland for a week with the students and teachers at Newland College. I am sure I will stay here until I finish school.

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