Smiling – English Speech

by Karin

In English class, MYP 1-2 have been making mini speeches about what we care about in the world. Since I feel really happy here at Newland, I thought that I would make a speech about smiling. We then specified some learning area focus, the audience, the language we use, and the context.

I then presented this to the class.

Learning area focus: Body language, Eye contact, Hand gestures, Ethos, Pathos, Anaphora

Audience: Students

Language: Formal for audience

Context: Speech in front of school

I’d like to talk about the importance of smiling and how much power it actually has.

Smiling has great power. You might not have noticed it before, but you definitely have experienced it. I’m sure you’ve all smiled before. You feel good when you do it. And it overcomes every other emotion.

That is the power, the power of smiling. It has more power than you think.

You might ask, why do I care so much about smiling? Well, I believe that smiling can change the world.

Smiling is contagious, it spreads to people. This is why I believe it can change the world. If someone smiles, the person beside him/her will smile too.

Imagine creating a chain reaction of happiness for the whole world. Imagine making the whole world happy. Imagine – you being the one who changed the world.

I’ve had many times that I’ve used smiling to cheer myself up. You could even call me the ‘Smile Master’.

This speech is really coming out of my heart, I really care about smiling.  It is the same as caring if other people are happy. I also strongly believe that you could do anything if you smile.

According to some scientific research, it’s said that smiling improves your mood. I’ve definitely felt that before. Smiling can also lower blood pressure, and boost the immune system. Smiling also releases ‘endorphins’ and relieves stress.

See, smiling is important. It’s the cure. When my word goes out to everyone in the world, this is sure to be the big band aid for the world-wide problems.

If we try, we can make world peace happen.  No one will fight over who’s world it is going to be, it will be Our World.

Spread the word, If we try, we can do it. Nothing is impossible, if we… more. Thank you.

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